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help my ps3 40 gb?


i bought ps3 40 gb one days ago but i already bought the ps2’s game when i put the game into my system they said unsupported data. i already asked someone at store they said ps3 can play ps2 game but you have to download something for that, if you had the old system(20,60gb) you can play right away but ps3 4ogb,80gb you have to do something to play ps2 game,

if some one out there had ps3 40 or 80gb please shows me how to download or update to play ps2 game. thanks

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  1. 40 GB does NOT play playstation 2 games. Only 60, and 80 GB do, but they don’t make the 60 GB anymore.

  2. Whoever told you that the 40 gb can play PS2 games obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Sadly, there is no way to play PS2 games on the 40 gb PS3. The 40 gb PS3 does not and will not play PS2 games. You can’t use an update or anything like that.

    The 40 gb can play PSX games, just not PS2 games.

  3. SCHOLAR!! The 40GB only plays PS3 games. You should of gotten the 60GB like me and all of the other smart people!

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