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HELP! PS3 Power Problem?


Apparently many people have had the same problem as I’ve seen in forums but no one knows how to fix it. I have a slim PS3 model and one day it shut off by itself. Then it didn’t turn back on. I panicked and ran upstairs then back down which took me like ten seconds, pressed the button.and it worked. I thought that was a one time thing but it happens every time I play now. I can be in the middle of anything and it’ll shut itself off as if the power cord has been yanked out. (No red light.)

When I manage to turn it back on by taking out the cord, plugging it back in, and pressing the red button which then turns on it says it has to check for corrupted files. Thankfully none of them are ever corrupted. Recently I did this and the system didn’t even stay on for ten second. The system was checking for corruption and was at a mere 15% and it shut off. I can’t stand this!

Now I don’t think it’s overheating. We always have the fan blowing directly on the PS3 and it doesn’t really get hot. We’ve also tried three different power cords. All the same result. This leads me to the conclusion something is wrong with the system. Please help! I don’t want this $300 to go down the drain.

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