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Help with ripping CD’s to Xbox 360?


I’ve been trying to rip some CD’s to my Xbox 360, and nothing ever happens. They’re store-bought CD’s, not burned ones.

I put the CD in, go to rip, make sure everything’s checked, and then I go to edit the song information. I can only edit the title of one song, then I can’t do anything else. I’ve let it sit for a couple of minutes before, but still, nothing happens.

Help, please?

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  1. Rip Music from an Audio CD

    The process of converting tracks from an audio CD to a low-bitrate audio format and storing them as individual files is known as “ripping.” The Xbox 360 console rips audio tracks to the WMA (Microsoft Windows Media Audio) format at 192 kbps. Ripping an audio CD with Xbox 360 requires an Xbox 360 Hard Drive.

    Please note that existing MP3 and WMA audio files cannot be ripped or otherwise copied to an Xbox 360 Hard Drive, though you can listen to such files from recordable CDs or DVDs or from a connected storage device. For more information, see Use a Portable Audio Player with Xbox 360.

    To rip music from a CD to an Xbox 360 Hard Drive:

    Turn on your Xbox 360 console with no disc in the tray.

    Load an audio CD. The Xbox 360 music player will launch and CD playback will begin.

    Select Rip CD to view the Rip CD screen. By default, all the tracks on the CD will be selected. If you do not want to copy all the tracks, manually de-select the tracks that you do not want to rip.

    When you’re ready to generate your audio files, select Rip CD again to begin ripping.


    You cannot listen to music while the console is ripping a CD.

    The Xbox 360 console comes preloaded with a database of artist and track information for thousands of commercial CDs. If the system cannot recognize your CD, the console will show you the Edit Album Info screen prior to ripping your disc. Use this screen and your controller to supply details like Album Name, Artist Name, and Genre.

    You can enter information using either a USB keyboard plugged into a controller port or your Xbox 360 controller and the on-screen virtual keyboard.

    To proceed with ripping without entering album information, select Save Changes from the Edit Album Info screen. To cancel a rip in progress, press Back (B) at the Ripping CD screen.
    You can also enter track titles while a CD is ripping.

    To edit track titles while ripping a CD:

    From the Ripping CD screen, select the track title you want to enter.

    From the Edit Song Info screen, enter the details for Song Name, Artist Name, and Genre. (If you entered artist name and genre at the Edit Album Info screen, these fields will be prefilled, but you can also edit them on a song-by-song basis here.)

    Further, you can choose to rip an unknown CD now (its title will be “Unknown Album “) and update its album information later.

    To edit album information after a disc has been ripped:

    From the Media area of the Xbox Dashboard, select Music, Hard Drive.

    Under Albums, select the album with the information you want to update.

    Select Edit Album Info, then use your controller to supply Album Name, Artist Name, and Genre. Album names can be up to 39 characters long. When finished, select Save Changes.

    To edit individual song titles, repeat Steps 1 and 2, then select the track title you wish to change. From the screen for that track, select Edit Song Info to edit the Song Name, Artist Name, or Genre, then select Save Changes.

    Like album names, track names can be up to 39 characters long.

    For More Info

    If you have trouble playing certain discs, see Troubleshoot Digital Media with Xbox 360.

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