Home Playstation Forum Hey.I only have a PlayStation2.?

Hey.I only have a PlayStation2.?


okay, im kinda lame. I only have a playstation 2.for right now, in some months im getting a flipping xbox360

so pumped

but anyways


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  1. well if yr talking bout the latest then umm here r some that i know of :

    need for speed mostwanted/carbon/undercover


    actually these are my favs so i only know about them 😀

  2. If you really want a ps2 game then depending if you like adventure and killing games then i’d say monster hunter. If i were you though I would just not buy a game wait till you get xbox sell ps2 and game because xbox will blow it away, and then buy some games and xboxlive.

  3. I really loved Gran Turismo 4 when I had my PS2.

    I was just like you;a playa who only had a PS2 and waiting for that Xbox 360 to come to me.

    Now I’ve had my Xbox 360 Pro 60GB for 5-6 months.

    And dude,whenever you hear people talking about the Red Rings of Death,ignore them,because Xbox 360s bought in and after Holiday 2008 are far less prone to get the RRoD.

    So enjoy your PS2 dude.

    And play a lot of Gran Turismo 4.

  4. God Of War 1 & 2

    GTA Liberty City Stories & Vice City stories & San Andreas

    Final Fantasy 10 & X-2

    Call of Duty 2 & 3

    Guitar Hero (all of them)

    Rock Band (all of them)

    Hitman Blood Money(best on the list)

    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory(second best)

    if you want more check ign

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