Home Xbox Forum hi does anyone knows if i buy BF3 which console shall i...

hi does anyone knows if i buy BF3 which console shall i buy for?


PS3 or 360?


thank u

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  1. The PS3 slim was an easy choice for me. I doubt I would have bought it just for the high quality exclusive titles it offers ( Little Big Planet, God of War 3 and MGS4 just to name a few of the real big guns Drake’s Fortune was the one I really wanted and I beat it the first few days I had the system. Great game!) but the fact it is also a Blue Ray player, and one of the best reviewed on the market to boot made this a literal no brainier.

  2. if you buy BF3 for the ps3 you get the exclusive game of battlefield 1943 which you dont with the xbox version

    here is a clip of the game just incase you havnt heard of it before

    [url is not allowed]

  3. Buy it for the PC seriously, get a good gaming pc, like ibuypower, Falcon Northwest or build your own. I made the mistake of buying 2 Xbox 360’s with both of them breaking the second one on the day of me buying it.

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