Home Playstation Forum Hi, I’m getting a ps3 soon, any games to recommend I buy?

Hi, I’m getting a ps3 soon, any games to recommend I buy?


I am definitely buying FFXIII when it comes out, so any other games to recommend? I like Jrpgs, Wrpgs (rpgs in general), action and fighting games. No shooter please, I gt traumatized with Halo. It was a good game, I’m just a bad shooter.

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  1. 1.Uncharted 2:Among thieves (ohhh my God am not lying i cried when i finished the game,this game cimematics are just an believable u wont sleep its 60 fps its epic. Action/Adventure )

    2.Dirt 2 (Really fun if u like off roading or not it will challenge u in a fun way)

    3.Tekken 6 : Good fighter am not good at it(thats why am not talkin about it)

    4.Dragon Age: Origins(Intricate and involving storytelling,Amazing dialogue and voice acting bring characters to life,Rich fantasy world filled with interesting lore,Enjoyable questing with plenty of twists and surprises,Lots of spells and abilities make combat fun)

  2. Get eternal Sonata for old rpg style gaming its a good one!

    P.S. I’m bad at shooters too but i’ll take u out if that made a.hack mmorpg for the PS3 for real LOL.

  3. U HAVE TO GET UNCHARTED 2 it is the best game ever it is a shooter but its also climbing and stuff and its a third person shooter, i would also get little big planet.

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