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how can i get british games to work on a ps3 from america? it keeps coming up with code 80027f10?



  1. You can’t unless you mod the PS3 (which will usually void your warranty). The console is region locked and will only play games from it’s own region.

  2. If you are trying to play a PS2 game from the UK on a US PS3, then that will not work. PS2 games are region locked.

    All PS3 games should work on all PS3 consoles, so if you are trying to play a PS3 game and it isn’t working, then there may be another issue. I haven’t heard about any third parties region locking their games, so there shouldn’t be any problems with playing PS3 games.

  3. PS2 games are still reigon locked. You cant play your old UK PS2 games on your imported PS3.

    PS3 games are reigon free and any game should effectively work on any console from any reigon. However, some games have been locked for unknown reasons, spiderman 3 uk version does not work on import consoles. There are a few more.

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