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How can I go online with the PS3 if I don’t have wireless?


I can pick up a wireless signal from a neighbour, but it is too weak. Is there a way I can boost my ps3’s wireless signal?

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  1. NO, the PS3 only recieves the signal it doesn’t give it out

    1. You can buy your own internet

    2. you can move closer towards your neighbors house

    3. You can use an ethernet cord which is always faster then wireless

  2. The reason why it’s weak is because there are probably other devices that are on the wireless router at your neighbors house. If you have a modem then just connect it to the ps3 and I think there will be a way to make the connection a wired connection

  3. the best idea is to use an ethernet cable and simply plug it into your non wireless modem.

    their is one other way!.

    you can et a stronger wireless modem fr your neighbor.try giving it as a gift lol.or you could break into their house and attach it.

    wireless wold of cose be a much slower option than ethernet.

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