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How Can You Record Gameplay From Your PS3?


So I want to capture gameplay from my PS3. When I try to film with my camera it never works well so is there a way you can record straight from the TV? Also, my playstation is a 320 GB slim and it’s connected to the internet. Thanks =D

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  1. Yes, you can record gameplay from your PS3 but only by using a recording device.

    You can get a HD PVR which is about $200 and very, very good quality or you can get something like a Dazzle for around $25 – $50 if you don’t fuss about average quality footage. I suggest you spend extra and buy a HD PVR which can record up to 1080i.

  2. Yea, but you need a complicated and expensive piece of hardware called a capture card installed on your computer, or alterantrively an HD PVR, which I think is a total waste of money unless you intend on uploading videos on a regular basis, ie. Every day or every week etc.

    I really feel your best bet is to get an EasyCap. It is a cheap, external capture card, in the shape of a very large USB stick. Just install the software, plug the cap into your computer’s USB port, and on the other end, connect your red/White/yellow connectors from your PS3 in the ports on the cap. Start recording on the software and play. Simple.

    I would also suggest getting some red/white/yellow splitters so as to split the output from your ps3 to the computer and your TV. These are inexpensive also.

    Drawbacks, you can only record in standard definition, but if you’re not making a career out if this then $200 on an expensive PVR is just a waste.

    Link to item on Amazon.com US

    [url is not allowed].


    People have compelled about confusing software and counterfeit models. Do your research before you make a decision. I have one of these and think it’s great, but it may not be for you.

  3. 1. connect a tristar mx hd pvr to your ps3 by the cables.

    2. press the record button the tristar mx hd pvr

    3. it will record your playstation3 video gameplay without a computer onto a hard drive or flash memory

    4. that is as simple as it gets

    otherwise you can use the camera phone and deal with the quality of the stuff you have now.

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