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How come Microsoft can make a computer flawless but they can’t make an Xbox 360 flawless they have enough $$$$?



  1. MS doesn’t make computer. It makes operating systems for computers. It also makes internet explorer for computers. Anyway, Windows XP and Vista are far from flawless. Isn’t that why there are at least 1 update per month due to attacks? Internet Explorer isn’t all that great either. I personally prefer Firefox over IE.

    Anyway, to answer your question. It was all about timing. The XBX didn’t have a chance to computer against the PS2, and MS must have thought that the PS3 will be just as strong as the PS2, if not stronger, so MS had to release the 360 as early as possible in order to take away some of the momentum from the PS3’s launch. So in its haste to get the 360 out before the PS3, MS didn’t spend enough time testing the 360 to make sure that there weren’t any problems. I don’t think MS would have thought that such a simple design would be the cause of all its problems. So the reason why the 360 has so many flaws is that MS didn’t have the time to test everything to make sure that it would run perfectly.

  2. Computer FLAWLESS r u kidding me! its the worst of all computers!

    Apple by far is way more advance prolly 10 years ahead of microsoft.

    Vista takes up way too much RAM and runs slow and always crashes BTW.

    I would say that their best product is the 360. It has alot less problems now.

  3. The Xbox 360 was severely rushed to the market so that it could get a lead on Sony. Also, they used cheap materials to construct the 360. If you have one, you’ve no doubt noticed how flimsy the disc tray is and how fragile the box feels as a whole (not to mention the red rings of death and the disc scratching).

    They’re starting to use different motherboards to fix some of the problems, but it’ll always be a poorly designed system. It’s really not much of a surprise since Microsoft has always made buggy software and hardware. Windows is hardly flawless, they just got lucky and had the business world embrace it early on.

  4. Quality controll. Here’s how it works:

    I want 100,000 screws that are 1″ thick. If I am OK with them varying between 1.5″ thick and.5″ thick then they will only cost me 1 penny a piece.

    BUT. If I MUST have every screw at EXACTLY 1″ thick they are going to cost me $1 a piece.

    In the middle there is a price I’m willing to pay and a quality I’m willing to live with.

    If I was going to sell these screws to the market, I know about how much my customers will pay for a 1″ screw. They sure as hell aren’t going to pay $1 a piece, but they also don’t want them in a sweeping variety of sizes.

    Get where I’m going?

    In electronics, it’s not exactly size, it’s failure rate. If you’re willing to accept, let’s say, a 10% failure rate. Then, your cost per unit goes down. OK with 20%. exponentally lower price. etc etc etc.

    When Microsoft explained that they were going to extend waranties they never said “wow, we never thought any would fail.” They said, “MORE units are failing than expected.” They KNEW that units would fail. If they weren’t OK with that then you’d be paying the new low price of $1,500 a xbox. but every single one would work without exception.

    Would you rather pay $200 and run the risk that your xbox fails some day or pay $1,500+ and know it will never fail?

    Microsoft felt it was better to make afordable systems with a margin for error that come with a waranty from the factory than to make perfect machines that don’t need a waranty.

    DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT WARANTIES ARE A NICE GESTURE FROM COMPANIES? It’s because they KNOW that things are going to fail because if they paid to have things perfect you wouldn’t be able to afford them. or you wouldn’t buy them because the price was just too high.

    There have been similar problems with every popular piece of electronics over the past 20 years. Xbox 360 does have a high failure rate, but it’s still a small minority of xboxes that fail. regardless of what you read.

  5. First of all, Microsoft doesn’t build PC hardware – just the operating system and some applications (software).

    Second, where do you get the idea that their stuff is flawless?

    Far from it!

    Windows crashes. A lot. A real operating system doesn’t crash, and can remain for months at a time.

    Windows is horribly designed, and STILL has problems with features that other products have had FOR DECADES.

    Windows is FAR from flawless. You don’t end up having several books each the size of a phone book written about the problems in Windows if it’s so flawless.

    Want to try a real operating system? Try Ubuntu Linux. It’s free. It works. It works REALLY well. After a few months, you’ll wonder just how is it you put up with all the problems with Windows over the years, such as repeatedly rebooting, the endless crashes, viruses, and more. All are due to Microsoft’s bad design and lazy programming.

  6. Microsoft doesn’t make computers. The reason the 360 had a high failure rate was because they didn’t put in adequate cooling, they used bad solder, and they rushed a product that simply wasn’t ready. Not to mention that the tech in that thing was way ahead of it’s time.

  7. They’re flawless at making ILLEGAL FUNCTION notices that appear on the computer screen

    But they did improve that.

    now with Send or Don’t Send Error Reports

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