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How did the ps2 handle scarface graphics?



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  1. It’s called good programming. The ps2 was quite difficult to program for. The ps2 has these things called vector units and DMA module that caused enormous problems for programmers. Especially Vector unit 0 or VU0 that had to be programmed in Assembly micro code in order to be used efficiently. It is estimated that most if not ALL ps2 games only used 10% of the ps2 VU0.


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    The ps2 had quite a bit of more power behind it that was never tapped.

    This guy explains in technical details the TRUTH about ps2 hardware:

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    Scarface looked pretty good due to specular mapping, but it wasn’t the best looking ps2 game.

    I’ve yet to see a game render a huge jungle area like this at 60 FPS( even xbox far cry was only 30fps):

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    OR render 22 high polygon (20000 polygons) cars on the road in the RAIN at 60 FPS:

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    OR have the best looking 3D fighter game last gen, (SC2 was overrated btw) THIS is ps2 VF4:

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    AND this is evidence of PS2 bump mapping: The most complex texture:

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  2. the graphics were good and used as much of the ps2’s capabilities as they could but not as good as a ps3 can do , maybe a ps3 on an old sdtv with some games looks the same but on an hdtv with hd cable and full 1080p graphics games like killzone 3 , heavy rain and even older games like resistance 2 lok a lot better than scarface on ps2 did.

    Basically by the time scarface was made developers and programmers knew how to squeeze the most from the ps2 so games looked pretty good but ps2 games are limited to 480i sd graphics and the dvd format the games use is limited to how large a game can be , there are ps3 downloadable games lartger than ps2 games could be.

    You must not own a ps3 or if you do must not have it connected to an hdtv using an hdmi cable r you would never say the ps2 graphics are comparable to what a ps3 can do ( or maybe you only have some games with low res graphics on ps3 like pacman )

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