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how do i clear my hdd space on my ps3 so i will be able to play f.e.a.r 2?


well i been trying to play this new game i got for my ps3 called F.E.A.R 2 but everytime i turn it on i keep getting this message that says that i have insufficent hdd space, and that i need to find a message to update a bug or something like that. so what im trying to ask is what do i do to fix these problems?

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  1. Here are the instructions for deleting game data on your ps3. This does NOT delete your saved games. It only makes it necessary to reinstall the game (and any updates) if you ever play the game in the future. Only do this for games that you do not intend to play for a while.

    1. Go to the main playstation screen

    2. Navagate to Game -> Game Data Utility

    3. Select a game that you are not going to play for a long time (or ever).

    4. Press triangle, X, X

    5. Go to step 3

    You can also delete any media you have on your PS3.

  2. go to your game save data and press the triangle on the game saves you want to delete. When you push the triangle you will be given options to copy or delete.Just delete them and you will be good.

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