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How do i convince my parents to let me buy a Playstation 3?


I would like to buy a Playstation 3.It costs 300 euros and i am willing to pay for it.I have 600 euros in my wallet.I have good grades (Mostly A’s and a few B’s).My mother says i need to save money for a holiday to Greece on Easter,but i can afford it because i can get money at my birthday in March.My father is confused because my mother will become annoyed if he agrees.Also he wants a home cinema to put in our living room.

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  1. you answered your own question.

    Main advantages:

    1: It has a Blu-Ray player, which means you can watch movies. You can use a PS3 as your Home Cinema.

    2: 3D support.

    3: Reliable – in the market, even if you decide to purchase a 3d-Blu Ray player which would cost around 300 euros anyway, why not get a PS3 which is way more than just a 3D-Blu Ray player.

    View pictures, store pictures, songs,etc.

    Best of luck

  2. 300 euros?

    Keep your money then go Greece and buy it from there. My father is cool too he rarely say disagree with me my mother is a bit like yours she said if i get ps3 i will throw it out the window lol. i bought it 🙂

    Come to Greece is awesome even we have these kind of problems.Stupied Goverment.

  3. PS3 is the core of an entertainment system. It has full support for 3D, Bluray, games, it outputs in all the usual Surround sound types to home theater speakers & its HDD allows for a lot of movies and images. 1 unit for everything.

    Unless you have to pay for everything yourself going to greece, nothing to worry about. Unless you want to buy a lot of little trinkets but that wont add up to 300 euros anyways. I only blew 130 euros on my trip to germany & thats because I went crazy buying headphones & keyboards and such, same concept.

  4. tell ur mom to let u buy it or ur not going on holiday with them, u will stay at a frenz house until they get bk, hahaha

    anyways, tell her the advantages of owning a PS3:

    free chat with friends/family (if they have 1 as well)

    blu-ray player

    3D support

    the list goes on.

    oh, and that their are educational games (just tell her that, u dnt actually have to buy them, lol) on it as well as games that even she would play.

    P.S. why would u buy it in Greece? ¬_¬

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