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How do I get my xbox 360 fixed?


My 360 has three of the four red lights come on when I turn it on. what is wrong, and how do i get if fixed?

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  1. That’s a 3RROD syndrome. There are several methods in curing that error (i.e. x-clamp fix, bga re-flowing, penny trick etc.). My favorite method for fixing that kind of error is x-clamp fix since you could find most parts for doing it easily. You could use search engine to find how to do those fixes.

  2. Yeah, you have the RROD. You’ll want to talk to Microsoft if your XBox is still under warranty. Else, you can do some surveys to earn yourself a new XBox 360.

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  3. Call the microsoft xbox number and when the automated person comes on keep hitting 0 until you can talk to somebody. Have your xbox read because you will need to know your serial number.

  4. Every xbox has a unlimited RROD warranty but if your impatient you can take it apart and replace the x clamps.

  5. Very simple. Its got the Red Rings of death.

    Unfortunately, you probaly have an xbox with an early motherboard [ Xenon, Zephyr, those who have researched on 360 motherboards would understand the nerd talk ] , If I can ask, when was it purchased? was it bought new? Elite? Arcade? Pro? I can help more if you provide a little more information,

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