Home Playstation Forum How do i get themes from my usb to my ps3?

How do i get themes from my usb to my ps3?


I have downloaded some themes in p3t format and when i plug my usb into my ps3 and go to themes and install it keeps saying that there are no themes i even made a folder called PS3 and in that folder i made another folder called THEMES all in caps who ever can tell me what to do in the most understandable way will get my best answer

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  1. In order to get Themes to the PS3, you must put them in the correct folders.

    external device > PS3 > THEME > theme file in.p3t format

    Take the “S” off of the Theme folder and you should be good to go. If taking the S off doesn’t work (THEME is the correct folder name, without an S), then your external device is not formatted in FAT32 and will need to be.

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