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How do I get Xbox Slim 4GB to remember hard drive preference?


As the title suggests, I have a XBOX 360 Slim 4GB model and I’m having trouble getting my XBOX to remember my hard drive preference. I started to realize that 4GB wasn’t enough for internal storage so I bought the official Microsoft 320GB internal hard drive and ran into problems. The problem was that when I tried to play a game like NHL 14 or Kinect Sports, my XBOX would ask me to select the storage method of choice each time the game disc was loaded and I’m wondering if there is a way to get the XBOX to permanently remember my hard drive choice which would be the 320GB hard drive. Please note that the hard drive is recognized by the console and that it works properly for the most part and I know that because I transferred my game saves and achievements from the internal 4GB hard drive to the 320GB hard drive I inserted in my XBOX and game saves loaded without a problem so the only problem is that I can’t get the console to remember my hard drive selection and ask me for my hard drive selection every time Can anybody help?

Note: I’ve also done the XBOX update that was required as well and it still asks me to manually select my preferred storage device.

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  1. You could have bought the old harddrive for the old xbox and just switched harddrives and saved a hell of alot of money. the old harddrive and new slimline harddrives are completely the same.

    god damn microsoft.all about the money

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