Home Playstation Forum How do I repair YLOD on my ps3 myself?

How do I repair YLOD on my ps3 myself?


I’ve heard I need a hot glue gun and some kind of paste but I’m not sure, fill me in plz 🙂 thanks
Do you think you could give me a link Glimmer man to a youtube video that would fix YLOD for a long time about a year or two? Thanks for your help 🙂

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  1. Repair it yourself and you will be lucky if it lasts a month. And then the next time you try it may only last a couple of weeks until it can’t be repaired at all. The problem is that it is only a temporary fix. You should look on youtube for detailed videos if you want to try it yourself. The reflow method they show will only work in specific cases. There are many things that can cause the yellow light malfunction and not all can be fixed through reflowing the motherboard. You are better off sending it to qualified console repair center so they can diagnose the problem properly. Many also offer at least a 6 month warranty, and some even offer a 1 year warranty. The other benefit is some use the reball (replacing the solder joints) process which is far more lasting a fix than the relow (heating solder joints) process. Most places will charge about $100 to do this, maybe a little more, maybe a less. Sony also charges $100 for repairing the slim model but most likely will give you a refurbished system instead of your old one back–it depends on what’s wrong with it. If you have the older fat model they will charge you $129.

    The only way to get a longer lasting fix is to use the reball process. The reball process involves actually removing the faulty solder joints and replacing them. This requires a lot of skill. I mean very few professional repair services even do this because of costs and the expertise involved. You really have to know how to diagnose the problem, have the skill required, and have all the expensive equipment. Trust me when I say that is not an option for you.

    The reflow process that most use to heat up their motherboard is only a temporary fix, I’m talking like a few months or even weeks. That is a good method to try if you just need to retrieve your data or you just need to get through for a short time. However, reflowing doesn’t always work; it depends what caused the malfunction in the first place.

    The only way you’re going to get through the next two years is to buy a new one. Sorry to break the bad news. If you want to try the reflow process then you should look up the Gilsky youtube video.

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