Home Xbox Forum How do u open an xbox 360?

How do u open an xbox 360?



  1. The drive is married up to the xbox so replacing the whole drive wont work I have just spent two days scrolling through the internet to fix this problem last nighyt I fixed my sons and today I have fixed 3 more Xbox’s for his mates, i have never done anything like this before here are the you tube links I used -[url is not allowed]. i did not have a torx screwdriver but found a flat one of the correct size worked just as well, this link to remove the laser – [url is not allowed]. and this one to remove the motor- [url is not allowed]. it is realy important to give the lens a real good clean i had to take one apart again because i had not done this [url is not allowed]… now clean the laser and put the motor in cooking oil for a few hours then put them back together 🙂 contact me if you have any problems I will try to help [email is not allowed] cheersx

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