Home Playstation Forum How do you hook up the internet on a Playstation 3?

How do you hook up the internet on a Playstation 3?


How do I hook up wireless internet on a Playstation 3? What do I need?

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  1. First of all, you need to have a wireless router. If you don’t have a wireless router, then you can’t set it up for wireless internet. If you do, then here’s how you connect it for wireless. Go to the settings tab, I guess you could call it, then go through the different settings till you get to Network settings. Hit X to select it, then Then select Internet Connection Settings, hit Easy.then you have to wait while it checks everything. Then when the next thing shows up, select Wireless.then you can pick Scan so that it scans for a router (I think). When the access point it has found comes up, select which one you want to use. Pick your WLAN security setting and then wait for it to check. After all that, just hit the X button to save everything. Then you can test the connection, and it should check everything for you. Then you should be all set up.

    I actually went through and did all that on my PS3 as I typed everything up. If you take your PS3 elsewhere, like I sometimes take it to a friends house, then you might have to do this again.since they’ll have a different router than you do.

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