Home Xbox Forum How do you save games into your xbox?

How do you save games into your xbox?


I seen a xbox playing n64 games and even ps2 games just wondering how you do that. For the Black Xbox(Not 360).What do i need? Step by step.Thanks in advance

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  1. are you talking ablout the original xbox. If youre not youre talking about the xbox 360 Elite which is just a different version of the 360 that is black and comes with bigger hardrive. Either way you cant play N64 or PS2 games. Thatsa modded xbox and is illegal.

  2. dude my buddy did it to the original x box. its * man!! however its illegal. But for the original, I say DO IT!! just find someone who knows someone who is a computed dork who will do it. The only problem is that as soon as it’s modified, you will unable to get on xbox live. But, who cares, you can have every game imaginable. Do it bro, its phenom!

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