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How does reporting on Xbox Live work?


I was playing CTF in Black ops today, and I was doing pretty well (23-4).

These two guys on the other team, once the match was over, said they thought I was using a mod to know exactly where they were, even though I was not.

They say they have over 100 people in their clan and are going to get them all to report me for cheating, so my question is IF all those people report me will I get banned temporarily, permanently, or at all even though I was not doing anything against the rules?

Thanks =)

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  1. Um. I think you just go to their profile, hit a on report, and fill out the necessary forms.

    Or, if you do get reported/banned, just contact Microsoft and complain.

    But, most of the time kids/bratty adults like that are just upset that someone is better than them, and just completely lies.

    So you are probably safe.

  2. They report you, Microsoft will look into it. If they find out you are cheating then they will suspend you, if it is false then nothing will happen. Microsoft may join a game your playing online you never know how they are looking into it but they will.

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