Home Xbox Forum how much could i sell xbox 360 products for?

how much could i sell xbox 360 products for?


i have a hard drive a memory card 3 wireless controllers headset drums microphone guitar for guitar hero blu ray player king kong the movie world trade center the movie blu rat discs and for games i have facebreakers ultimate alliance baja soul caliber IV need for speed carbon army of two midnight club los angeles guitar hero III blitz mercenaries 2 saints row 2 guitar hero world tour infinite undiscovery need for speed pro street

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  1. well take into account youre original sum that it took to buy those.

    now deduct maybe 20% from that, if you have a price you would pay then thats fine

    try sellin it on ebay or the likes

  2. To get a better idea what to price your items, you should look on eBay and Craigslist to see what other people are offering.

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