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How much is a 60GB PS3 worth? I’m talking in GBP/£, also is 60GB disk space have enough space these days?



  1. they sell for around 100 dolalrs u.s and no it is nowhere near enough space plus its an 8 year old ps3 that is well past its lifespan so could break any day

    anyway , as far as sapce goes you can hardly download a half dozen smaller retail titles on a 60GB ps3 and some games will be too big for even one game , you need twoce as much space as a game requires to be able to download it and install it so if a game is 20GB you need 40GB free space , if its a large game like uncharted 3 game of the year then its a 45GB game so requires 90GB free , more than your 60GB would have even if empty

    you need the biggest hdd available so starting with the 500GB model is the way to go then if you run out of space in a coupe of years you just buy a 1TB hdd and install it ( very wasy to do )

  2. While I’m not sure how much a PS3 is worth in GBP/£, 60GB these days is nowhere near enough disk space. If you want alot of disk space, you’re going to have to upgrade to at least 1TB, Terra-byte, or more. I recently purchased a 500GB hard drive for the computer, and already with in 6 to 7 months, I have the drive almost half way full.

    The main reason for this is due to installing PC games I already own, or purchasing and installing new games from Steam or Amazon.

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