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How much is a new Playstation 3?


Just curious.

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  1. They sell two models in stores.

    There is the 80 GB mode which cost $399l: Comes with

    Playstation 3 Console, with 80 GB hard disk space

    1 Wireless DualShock 3 controller.

    AC Power cord

    Standard AV cables ( red,white and Yellow)

    The 160 GB mode which is $499 and comes with:

    Playstation 3 Console with, 160 GB Hard disk Space

    1 Wireless DualShock3 Controller

    AC Power Cord

    Standard AV Cables ( red white and yellow)

    Uncharted: Drake’s Fortuneā„¢ game

    And a Voucher to download PAIN i believe.

    Here is comparison as well:

    [url is not allowed].

  2. the 80gb ps3 is $399 and the 160gb ps3 is $499.

    But, i bought the 160gb ps3 and with tax it was $546. so i would guess the 80 gb ps3 is $446. i bought it at target and i live in california.

  3. 400$ for 80GB version and 100$ more for 160GB one. A few sites like ebay and Amazon offer it for around 380$ (80GB one)

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