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how much money do i have to save to buy a new ps3 160gb?


i just want to know how much money i have to save for a new ps3

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  1. A 160GB PS3 is $249.99 at any major retailer in the US or $249.96 at Walmart WITHOUT TAX.

    The total price depends on your sales tax in your area and if you need an HDMI cable or not since it is not included with the PS3 console.

    A safe bet would be around $300 for a new PS3 if you need a HDMI cable that only costs $20. Without the cable you should be fine with $275 after taxes since the highest sales tax in the US is 10%. I got my PS3 with a tax rate of 7.75% for just under $270 2 years ago.

  2. it is $278.99 on amazon and has free shipping so that would be what you need to save to get the latest ps3 160 gb. Atleast if you live in America, price may vary depending on country but around 250-300$ will probably give you what you are looking for.

    Hope this helped you!

  3. Walk into Walmart. They sell it for $249.00 on the shelf. If you pay more than that your getting suckered! Official PS States MSRP

    160GB 249.00,

    250GB Uncharted 3 269.99,

    320GB MW3 Bundle 299.99,

    PS Move 320 GB 349.99

    If you buy the 299.99 youl pay about 326.xx because of the 7.75% Tax

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