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how much to fix my ps3?


my brother put water on my ps3 on purpose because he thinks i was playing to much. after he put water on it i got mad and slammed my ps3 on the floor and broke the top part off. now i was wondering to fix it instead of getting a new one. i was just wondering if sony would take the ps3 in its condition its also missing a couple of screws that i lost.it was already broken when i slammed it. also i was wondering if i get a new ps3 can i sign in with the same account i had on the old one and still have the same ranking in my games or would i have to start over. plz answer and thank you. also im not counting with warranty or anything im going to pay straight up.

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  1. If you buy a new PS3–which is your best option–you can sign in with your same account. You will have access to your trophy ranking, friends list, and any content you purchased form the PS store. When you refer to ranking, do you mean like COD stats and prestige? If so, you will have access to those stats because they are stored on the game publisher’s server not your HDD. You will, however, lose all saved game data, photos, music, and videos that were stored on your PS3. Sony charges $99 to service for slim models and $129 for older models. They will send you a refurbished system if they accept yours for repairs. You would really need to call them first and ask them if they will look at your PS3 considering the condition it is in. There are many other online repair services you can contact if you choose to go that route. My advice is to spend the extra money and buy a new one.

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