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How to boost Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360?


First off – No replies such as, “Play the game first, etc” I have played for 3 days and change according to my overall time. I’m a 1st Prestige (just entered). Looking for a faster way. So answer the questions or don’t bother replying.

-What strategies are available to boost in Modern Warfare 2?

-Is there quick ways such as boosting in Halo 3?

-DOES ANYONE WANT TO BOOST WITH ME? (send inv to iiiplacebo)

-Will MW2 have a ban hammer?

-Is there a website that you can check your rankings (bungie.net) and such?


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  1. I’d like to know how to boost as well.

    Only way I know of is Cage match like COD4. Ask the other guy to leave and invite friend.

  2. Well first off, try playing the game. It’s no fun having rankings if youre just going to basically cheat for them.

    And secondly, yes there is. It’s called the Leaderboards, go under Barracks

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