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How to convince my parents to let me get a PS3?


Me and my brother have been saving up for a PS3 for one year and we finally have enough money to buy one at Costco (for the bundle). My only obstacle in the way is my parents. They say we have a Wii already, why would you need a PS3? I explain there are plenty of reasons such as the blu-ray and exclusive games not found on the Wii. They also tell me to save up for a laptop i already have, or just plainly save it up for a rainy day. Wow, buy an umbrella for 320 dollars? What’s the point of keeping $350 by not spending it. seriously, i need your help. All the reasons I tell them are not working! Thanks.

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  1. I was in the same spot. Had a Wii and honestly after a year hated it. Well I’m a Grand Theft Auto fan and after wasting $30 on the PC version that didn’t work on my PC I brought up I wanted a PS3. I told them that the Wii doesn’t have many games that I like and that the PS2 I had was outdated. I also had a point of PSP and PS3 connectivity that when connected they can do cool things, EX. Resistance Retribution and Resistance 2. Then one morning my parents said that I may buy one. Blu Ray is an awsome feature of the PS3. Tell them that honestly the Wii really isn’t a serious gaming console. The PS3 has better games, WAY better online, and better graphics. If you do buy a PS3 make sure you get an HDMI cable.

  2. sounds like you have parents who are feeling the down turn of the economy and they are trying to prepare you for the “schooling of hard knocks ” in life meaning you may have to be the one to buy your next computer and more if what is being predicted really happens which is a double didget recession, which will be that “rainy day” you will need that 320 dollar umbrella for to sleep under

  3. Tell them that you and your brother take gaming a bit seriously and the Wii is not for serious gaming (which it isn’t, it’s just for party games and non-gamers, tell them this as well). And tell them that a PS3 will satsify your needs more as it is for proper gaming. Tell them that the Wii is boring you out of your brains. And also 3D gaming has been introduced on the PS3 recently tell them this. Tell them you can download movies too. Tell them that all your friends have one and you want to play with them and that you feel left out. There are too many reasons. But on the other hand your parents are right about saving money for a rainy day, you won’t understand this yet as you are probably young but you will understand it more when you are older. But if you are financially secure and desperate for a PS3 then hell just go and buy one! If this doesn’t help then I’m sure you’ll find something!

  4. Go online and print out the health benefits of gaming: problem solving, hand-eye co-ordination, stress relief, concentration and tell them it will make you happy

    Also, offer to do chores around the house in return

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