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How to fix the yellow light of death on a PS3, that ACTUALLY WORKS?


I hoovered the dust filters. that’s about it though.

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  1. Ylod is like the check engine light on a car, it can literally be anything from a loose hard drive to a fried motherboard. There Is no sure fix. The best option is to buy a new system. You could jump through all the hoops of soldering the solder joints, replacing the thermal paste, reflow ing the motherboard in the oven, replacing everything you can, but it will inevitably cost more money and take more time then just replacing the system.

    As a side note, most home remedy fixes for ylod fail again within the next few months so they aren’t really worth the trouble

  2. There is no way to perminantly fix it. once it gets to this state, even cleaning it out and replacing the thermal goo on the processor/heatsink is a temporary band-aid and it will fail again within a month.

    It’s best to get it fixed once, then get a new system and perform a system transfer.

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