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How to get free Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 or doing on generator code?


i am trying to get free microsoft point i try everything on like youtube facebook xbox website but noting done 🙁 so can anyone put my gamertag on Generator code or email me so i can download more thing on my xbox and send to my friends HELP ME!!

Gamertag: EarthLukelewis

Email: [email is not allowed]

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  1. all generators are fake and will only steal your *. so don’t use them

    you can try a site where you complete different stuff to get points, this site has instructions on how it works:

    [url is not allowed]

  2. Oh my gosh, do NOT use Xbox Code Generators, they are VIRUSES or steal your Xbox account. Please scan your computer for viruses and change your password for your Xbox Live account (your LIVE e-mail account).

    The only way to get Free Microsoft points is to do surveys, and I’ll tell ya it will take over a month of surveys to do it, points2shop isn’t bad, they use Amazon to ship you the points card and is legit. Sign up here: [url is not allowed]

  3. Definitely do not use the code generators. They are a scam and want to steal your account information and gamertag. If you want microsoft points free or anything free really, go to [url is not allowed]. Register there and get money by taking surveys, playing games, and or referring other people. The other guy said it would take a month to get the points but that isn’t completely true. That may be how long it would take if you only did surveys but the site is not all about surveys. When the CoD maps came out about a month ago I was looking for them for free and stubled upon p2s and got my maps in 5 days just getting referrals and doing surveys. Easiest 20$ I ever made. Give the site a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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