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How to I move a ps2 saved game on a USB drive to my PS3?


I bought KH re: chain of memories, and I found out that there was a glitch on it that you couldn’t play in on PS3, so I found a save file for what happens after the glitch so that I could play and I need to figure out how to get my PS3 to read it so that I can use it on my game.

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  1. It depends on your model of PS3. Only the earlier versions with the 160 Gb hard drives can play PS2 games, but they cannot play PS1 games. The oppisite is true for the 60 Gb versions, they will only play PS1 games and not PS2 games. You can always download the games from the Playstation store, and play them. If you bought your PS3 within the last year and half, you can not play PS2 games, unless you download them directly onto your PS3.

  2. Sorry man you can’t really do anything. You can wait until the new Kingdom Hearts comes out late this year. I like Kingdom Hearts no matter what anybody says!

  3. There is no glitch with KH CoM.

    Your PS3 cannot play PS2 games. You can just put your PS2 memory card into the PS3 flash slot, BUT your PS3 doesn’t have it, so there is no need.


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