Home Playstation Forum how to mod black ops for ps3?

how to mod black ops for ps3?


i dont know what to do do or what to buy anyone want to walk me though this please

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  1. u kno what. im just like u. i want to learn how to mod and hack those popular games like COD and prestige to the top wout any work. lol. I once did a mw2 10th prestige hack and challenge lobby for some people free and I was surprised so many ppl wuld ask me lol. but anyway. the black ops mod for ps3 is not available rite now although its good to continue to research in case you do find one b4 its patched. Other than that, you can go to college and learn all these things and become good at it and know everything abt computers and hack.mod whatever u like. I mean its true cuz in the fall I’m startin my first year of uh computer programming and game design. Good luck on life bro and Happy gaming. BTW if u wanna add me msg me send me a request to add as friend and put in yur from yahoo answers. PSN ID: G92Terran peace man. 🙂

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