Home Xbox Forum How to play Xbox 360 (newest model) on laptop?

How to play Xbox 360 (newest model) on laptop?


I really want to play my Xbox Slim on my laptop. Please know I use an HDMI cable instead of the three colored wires. How do I set it up on my windows laptop?! Thanks!

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  1. You can’t unless you’re lucky enough to have a laptop with a Video In HDMI port which very few do.

    Your laptop uses Video Out as standard, that means you can connect things like a TV to your laptop and get you laptop to send its signal OUT to the TV and the TV displays what’s on the laptop screen, but you can’t just reverse that process and get your laptop to display whats on your TV screen, for that you would require a Video In port so the TV can send its signal IN to the Laptop.

    Google your laptop make and model and see if it’s got an HDMI In or other In Port, but a simple way to see that is to see of it has 2 HDMI ports. If it onlyhas one then it’s going to be Video Out only and what you want to do is not going to be possible.

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