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How to record video games from your xbox 360 to pc?


i am trying to find out how to record video games you play on your xbox 360, ps3, wii, ps2 etc. And i am just wondering, what do u need to record video games on your game console. Cause i cant find a way to connect my game console onto my pc, so i can record while playing. Can anyone help me out with this problem? do i need anything in particular to record video games on my game console?

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  1. Kind of funny I have a question similar to yours on, what’s the best PC recorder. I have found Adaptec Gamebridge Recorder 1400 it will record XBOX 360, PS2, and Gamecube to your PC and can be uploaded to youtube, check this review out [url is not allowed]

    Quote “Pros: Easy, fast setup; small size; no external power supply needed; takes nice screens and video for the price (but you get what you pay for)”

    “Cons: Screens and video won’t win any quality awards; can’t go high def”

    You can find this for about $15 at [url is not allowed]

    If you look on Ebay it’ like $45 possibly down to $20 for it and its around $80 new on amazon.

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