Home Xbox Forum how to set up xbox live (wired)help?

how to set up xbox live (wired)help?


ok so i have a xbox 360 and ethernet cord its in my room and i think i have to hook it up to my modem witch is in a differnt room am i right. or a wirless things idk what can i hook it up 2 and any good modems our watver for 50 bucks please post a link thanks for the help
my pc is in another room

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  1. Is the modem being used by something else? If yes, then do you have a router?

    I’ve been using Netgear WGR614v9 for a month now and you would need a long enough ethernet cable for it to reach the xbox 360. Wireless is kinda pricey and you have to buy the Microsoft one, can’t use any 3rd party adapters.

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