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how to start using xbox live?


im new to xbox 360 cause i used to have a ps3. anyway i wanna start using live. i have seen cards that you buy at the stores that say points and all this, and im like whatt? So what cards do i need? tips? thanks.

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  1. This is what you do

    1. Hook the Ethernet cable that came with your Xbox into your modem, router, or back of computer.

    2. Run through onscreen questions on your Xbox.

    If you really really need help then call 1-800-4myxbox and they will hook you up easily.

    *Points are used at the marketplace to buy all kinds of things, not to pay for Live.

    *Gold members have to pay for membership, but it is very reasonable, and it lets you play online. Silver is the non paying membership and some games like Halo 3 do not let you play without Gold.

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