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how to transfer ps3 data to another ps3?


My sister has her ps3 and she has a account on there called “user 1” so then ii made a second one called “Merks” then ii made a psn account from “Merks” ii hav trophies on there from Black ops, and ii downloaded all of the black ops DLC “First Strike,Escalation,Annihilation, and Rezurrection” and all ii want is my PSN account all the data it had on it, lyk the ranks in games the guns i unlocked and the DLC ii bought ‘? is there anyway to do that’? every1 told me ii can just “Recover” my account through the internet to that new ps3 and then just download everything again is this true’? o.O

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  1. All of that information is saved onto your Ps3 account, not the hardrive, so dont worry 🙂 Only your single player/anything non internet related is saved to the hard drive.

    Hope this helps.

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