Home Xbox Forum i cant play halo on xbox 360 and ideas why?

i cant play halo on xbox 360 and ideas why?


when i try to play it says you have a important message from xbox live for you would u like to go to account management and if i put no i continue offline and if i put yes it takes me to account management and in account management there is no inbox to even chek my message. any help any one?

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  1. will i cant beleve you dont have the answer will get a new game system or if your mom or dad doesnt give it to you go for the softest parent it works for me all the time oh and no one goes for puppy eyes if that doesnt work work arond the house.

  2. hey.

    they still have problems with xbox games playing on the 360.

    maybe the update does the job. download the update. if it still doesn’t work. its with every 360

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