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I can’t stop my old fat PS3 to stop it’s update, what should I do?


Ok, it’s kinda complicated.

I had an old 80 gig fat PS3, it’s Disc Drive died on me, so I bought a new slim 160 gig PS3, I wanted to put the content on my old PS3’s hard drive in the new one, but it won’t work because I need to update both of them to the newest one. ok.

So I plug my old one. (Which works just fine, just won’t play cds, dvds or blue-rays anymore, won’t even try to swallow the discs) and start the update via the Internet, it stop at 38% telling me there’s an error, I tried and tried, same thing at 38% all those times, so I think it’s because of my dead Disc Drive (Blue – ray player) so I said ok then. let me try something else.

I went on the playstation website and downloaded the update onto a card, which in turn I have inserted (Using a little device with a USB cable) in my new PS3, and it installed it perfectly, so now I try the same thing on my old PS3.

The problem is, even tho it ain’t connected to the Net, it tries to restart the update I tried earlier again. (3.56. by the way) but of course the error happens again at 38 %.

Well then if I try to reboot the console it will try to restart the update. AGAIN!!

Over and over.

And when at the error screen I press the circle button to “Cancel” the screen goes darker (Like it’s “trying” to cancel) but it stays there and kinda freezes there.

I even tried to take the Hard Drive out, start it without it, turned it off, put it back in, and turned it back on and it STILL tries to make that update.

I need that update (Which I hope will work using that card like I did with my new PS3) but I can’t even get on the home screen because it won’t stop trying to make that earlier update.

So I need to know how to get back on the home screen so I can try to do it using the card to see if it works, because now, I want my PS3 saves on my new one so I won’t have to restart them all over again.

Also, I need it because all my music are on My old one, so I kinda use it as a music player now, but I can’t listen to music if I can’t even get on the home screen.

So I need help, so please HELP!!

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  1. It Might be that your HDD does not work anymore. And I have a 80GB as well and what I did to transfer data to my new PS3 was just save it on a memory stick all my Music and Photos, game data. then just copy it to the new ps3 thats what I did tho. you should try it.

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