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I have a 40 gb ps3 and I’m worrying how to add more gbs to it.?


I have Lego indy jones cod 4 r6v2 ratchet and clank and burnout paradise.Can I buy a harddrive or something to add to to the memory.Like do they have one for the ps3 thats like the 360 one

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  1. Dude, be very glad the ps3 doesn’t have a HDD like the 360.

    Yes you can upgrade the HDD, You need a 2.5 inch Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive, its a normal laptop HDD, you can get them as high as 320GB, you could also go for an external HDD, which goes as high as 2TB (2000GB).

    How to upgrade.

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    Hard drives. Make sure its a SATA not ATA 6.

    A 320GB for only $110!!

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    Other HDD’s

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    I would recommend a Seagate Momentus, that is the same kind that is already in your ps3.

  2. The PS3’s HDD can be upgraded freely. You can buy a 250GB SATA HDD from your local computer store and install it in litterally 2 minutes.

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