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I have a big PS3 problem can you please help?


ok it is christmas day and i got this new game for my ps3 which is the new naruto game right and about an hour later when i was playing it, it froze so i turned it off it would not turn off so i pushed the Button in the back to turn it off and now ever time i turn my ps3 on there is nothing but a solid black screen and i have goggled the heck out of this problem and i am not the only one with this problem there are a lot more but it seems no one has the A’s to my problem. i hope some one here can help if not what is the number for sony so maybe they could help and also are they open on christmas or am i going to have to wait till tomorrow?

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  1. The same thing happened to me when i was playing a racing game called grid and it froze in the middle of the race so this is what i did.

    First,i pressed the power button until the system beeped and the screen is black.

    Next, the main power switch that is in the back turn it off and wait for a few seconds and then turned it back on, look for a red light in the front.

    Then, press the power button on the system or press the playstation symbol on your controller and the light is green on the system.

    After that, when it’s on make shure that your AV cables and AC power cord are in the ps3 and the tv are plugged in all the way so that you can see the main screen.also with the tv that you are using make sure that the cables are in the same color with the tv. also read the quick reference book that came with your ps3.so when i did all of that i took the game out of the system, did a quick scan of the bottom part(you don’t touch)put it back in,waited for it to load, got back to the race,started in last and worked up my way to first and won sweet ending. i hope what i said helps your problem.

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