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I have a problem with my playstation2, help!?


Ok, this is driving me crazy.

I am playing Resident Evil 4 and I am near the end.

It won’t work anymore, it gets stuck on the cinematics and I am really annoyed.

So I thought it was the disc and I got another Resident Evil 4 disc but guess what? It still does the same thing, it gets stuck on the cinematics. The first disc that I used was used before by someone else that finished the game without problems.

So.I thought it was the playstation 2 even if it has only a month of life.

So I took it back to the shop and they gave me a new playstation 2 without any problem.

Guess what? It still get stuck.

So my last chance is that the memory card is broken, what do you think? But why now and not before? I mean.I have been using the same memory card for all of the game and I am near the end of the game.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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  1. Ok this method is a little wacky but it worked for me.

    Run the disc under a cold tap , then clean the water off with some tissue.

    Then really blow into the laser in the ps2 , the laser inside the ps2 reads the disc , it might have some dust on it.

  2. Do not put a wet disc in your machine, cleaning the disc is a good idea though, try loading the game from an earlier part, I assume you are on the island and have been through the tunnels so load up at the medical centre and play through the game again because sometimes there can be a bug or glitch which is carried through the level and it can mess with the continuity, other than that you can get new memory cards cheap out of gamestation because people trade them in but I think you should try playing through the game again from the beginning of the level or even disc 2, I can’t remember cos I had the game cube version and it was on two discs but best of luck!

  3. are you completing all objectives? i haven’t played the game but in other games i play if you don’t complete them all 100% they have different endings

  4. You’re disk is probly dirty/scratch. To clean it breath on it and wipe it on a clean cloth or a tissue. It that doesn’t work, You need to get you’re cd refurbished from a shop.

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