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I have an 80gb PS3. Can I play PS1 and PS2 games on it?


I really want to buy a few PS1 games I played when I was a kid and play them again. Could I play them on my PS2 slim and/or my PS3?
my ps3 has 4 usb ports

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  1. You can play them on both on ps3 you can save by making internal memory card and ps2 you have to get a ps1 memory card to save!!

  2. Best on the PS3. Yeah you can play PS1 games, and the reason I suggest the PS3 is because you can create an internal memory card. If you try to play them on your PS2 you would need a PS1 memory card to save games. As to playing PS2 games on your system you aren’t giving us enough details to be sure. If the PS3 has 4 USB ports and a card reader then it will play MOST PS2 games(there are some exceptions). If it has 2 USB ports(and no card reader) then nope can’t play PS2 games.

  3. As I can see you have gotten many different answers some saying yes some saying no. well you can take my word from what im saying because i used to be a top contributor in this section therefore i ACTUALLY know what im talking about.

    Well as you have said you have 4 usb ports from here i can instantly tell you have bought your ps3 a while back. You either bought the motorstorm or mgs4 bundle back.

    The 80gb ps3s that were sold with these two games CAN INDEED PLAY PS2 games! But not all about 80% of the games. Some games have been reported to have problems. to put it in simpler terms if your ps3 had 4 usb ports straight out of the box you can play ps2 games on it.

    ps1 games will play on every single ps3 no matter how many gb and how many usb ports it had come with.

    so your answer is: YES your ps3 80gb with 4 usb ports can play ps2 and ps1 games

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  4. “The compatibility of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 format software titles for use on the PLAYSTATION 3 varies by model”

    [url is not allowed].

    Type the game in and see if it will work:

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  5. you can not play ps2 and ps1 games on the newer ps3 systems just the older one sony did this to make the ps3 a little cheaper ask gamestop or who ever the date it was made and if its the older ones then yes u can play the ps2 games but not on the newer ones

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