Home Xbox Forum I need help setting up my Turtle Beach PX5’s?

I need help setting up my Turtle Beach PX5’s?


I just bought the Turtle Beach PX5’s for my Xbox 360 slim. I followed all the directions, set up the tower, and plugged everything in.

I can hear the game sounds, and other people talking fine. My problem is that my mic makes a really bad echo when other people are talking, and also I can’t talk into the mic. I know that the mic is turned on because my voice is slightly louder when i speak next to it. And I also have the xbox chat wire connected to the controller. Also, I made sure that the mic is on “xbox 360” mode, not ps3 mode.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Chat volume too high? picking up other players and looping back.


    Start a party and test it there. You should see the speaker icon when talking.


    RF signal feedback loop. unplug jack from xbox controller, wait 3 seconds and plug back in.

    If it’s still echoing, then it’s not you. Only happens with wireless headsets.

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