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I rent the “Planet Earth” on HD-DVD format. It does NOT want to play on my Xbox 360 HD-DVD?


Hi I rent “Planet Earth” from blockbuster & it is on a HD-DVD format. I play my HD-DVD movies on the Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on but, the it would not play “Planet Earth”? When I insert the “Planet Earth” HD-DVD on my Xbox 360 HD-DVD player, it only shows a picture screen that say PBS. What can I do & this is 2nd exchange of the “Planet Earth” movie from blockbuster? Thank you guys & ladies!

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  1. call up Blockbuster or write them online and they will send you a free online e -rental. does any other movie work in it or your hd dvd player doesn’t play any thing? if its just the planet earth DVDs then send them back.

  2. To the guy about blockbuster only renting blu ray. It’s true they only rent blu ray in store, but online you can still rent both. I know this isn’t going to be that helpful for the guy with the problem but I own the planet earth hd dvd and it works fine on my hd dvd xbox 360 drive. Are you connected to the internet? You may need to download an update for that disc.

  3. How did you get it from Blockbuster? Blockbuster quit carrying HD DVD and only carries Blu Ray–because Sony and Disney gave them a ton of money to pay for shelf space and gives them the discs at almost no charge. The two formats are incompatible.

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