Home Playstation Forum I thought the playstation network was supposed to be back up today?

I thought the playstation network was supposed to be back up today?


It’s the end of the month so where is the psn!
Oh! okay, because ive been checking to see if its back on by logging on to the store -__-

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  1. The PlayStation Network is back up in North America, and has been for a week-in-a-half now.

    If you mean the PlayStation Store, then Sony has stated it will be up by the end of the week: [url is not allowed].

    Now, with that said, the PSN Store is still software, so anything can happen, which means it being put back online could be extended, like the PSN was, but as of right now, Sony is striving to have full PSN functionality by the end of the week, which includes the Store.

  2. Some stupid network that calls themselves “Anonymous” is to blame for all of this lameness, you can’t get on PSN or the PS store because they are still having issues with those idiots. All of the U.S. was down online except people from Puerto Rico, they could get online and play Multiplayer stuff like that and go onto the store.

  3. If you mean the store sony said (about a week ago) they may miss it by acouple of days and sterday said it will be up before friday

  4. psn has been up for the past two weeks now (roughly) but if you didnt preform the update then you wont be able to get on so that might be the reason

    or if you have never preformed an update before then you will have to log on to that email account that you used to sign up for psn and then you can change your password from their and you will be able to log on

    if none of these solutions work for you then i think you will have to make a new account hope i helped


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