Home Xbox Forum I want to play COD ghosts for ps4 or xbox 1?

I want to play COD ghosts for ps4 or xbox 1?


i want to play COD ghosts on my consoles but i dont want to fork out for the full price as in not a cod fan really, i was thinking of getting the ps3 version or the xbox 360 version then upgrading it, does every copy of cod have the upgrade opportunity like is it a code in the booklet if so does anyone want to help me,

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  1. I have ps4 and i play ghost.its not so great your better off waiting till ps4 comes out with another Cod game , get ps3 with mw3

  2. If you had the version for PS3, there is a voucher that offers a deal to upgrade to a downloaded version of the game to PS4 for only $10.

  3. I personally think you should play it for PS4 since i have its amazing, but you should go to a gamestop somewhere in your town and play a demo both in XBOX 1 and PS4 so you know exactly which one fits you the best.

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