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Install game on Xbox 360 pro?


I just figured out that i can install games directly to my xbox 360 hardrive. (i’m a little behind).

1) I was going to borrow some games from my friends like Skate 3 and Red Dead Redemption, i was wondering if i install them with this at all effect the game when i give it back( like erase their data)

2) i was also wondering how much hardive space they take. i only have 15 Gigs left.

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  1. it will in no way affect your friends save files and once you’re ready to return the game you can uninstall the game. this will not affect your files either and everything will be exactly the same as before you installed the game. it usually takes about 1-3 gigs of space but when you uninstall the game you will get all space back and nothing will be affected

  2. This feature was used if you have a broken disc and wish to still play the game. You need a disc to play it off the HDD in other words and when you install it, it takes about atleast a gig. So unless you broke a disc don’t do this.

  3. You need the still need the disk to play the game.

    Installing games on Hard drives is usually just used for slower loading times, and it is easier on the DVD drive, because it isn’t always being used.

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