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Is $60 a good deal for these games?


I got 83 PS2 games + 5 PS3 Sports games + 1 PSP games. That comes to a total of 89 games.

Someone offered me $60 for all of those games. Is that a good deal or bad?

The PS3 games is NHL Head Coach 09, NHK 08, NBA 2k8, College hoops 2k7, NFL Madden 07,

The PSP game is Major league baseball 2k6.

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  1. No, 60$ for 89 games thats like less than a dollar a game. Try to raise the price and if that does not work than try to find a better deal.

  2. Yeah it is alright but see if the buyer will go to around $80 than thats a fair price u have 86 games which means all ur games r being sold at under $1 each

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