Home Xbox Forum Is it possible to play Xbox games without an Xbox?

Is it possible to play Xbox games without an Xbox?


Do they make the same games for laptops? Do I need a gaming laptop or can I use a regular laptop?

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  1. You can use a really expensive specialized gaming computer. OR you could get a Sega Game Player, just search for it on ebay, they are way cheaper than Xbox and it plays the same games!! The Sega Game Player I got came with two free extra Sega Game Players for just buying one and it had two free Xbox 360 games and a free Playstation 3 game. The Sega Game Player just plays everything and for $59 you can get one with a few extras, if you just want a basic one it could be about $40.

  2. Most games, but not all games are released on PC, Xbox360 and PS3 at the same time.

    so you could buy it for PC, but you will need a high spec computer to be able to play them, if you have a standard laptop its unlikely you will be able to play them.

    also there is a massive selection of PC games available, so you can find similar games on PC if the xbox game isn’t release don PC.

    You can have a look at ign.com search for the game and it tells you what platforms its been released on.

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